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“Amazing studio! Can’t fault them!! Would definitely recommend if you want to see results!!”

Rosalin Quattroville

“So amazed by my pre wedding results! Ebony and the team at Hypoxi Balgowlah have been GREAT!” Would absolutely recommend!

Stacey Kenna

“After reaching my heaviest I decided to do HYPOXI after hearing about it through social media – I came into Hypoxi Studio Mona Vale for a free trial and decided to do a package. I was amazed at my results & my change of skin tone on my legs, I have more energy & feel fitter. I stuck to the HYPOXI guidelines and kept up my regular exercise and the cm’s just dropped off. I would highly recommend HYPOXI to all my friends, a great kick start leading into summer! Just give it a go and keep going you won’t regret it”

Kristy Allen

Amazing, positive, friendly staff, great machines! I have just started my 6 session pack and feel great. Only 3 sessions… down and I have noticed a huge change with the fluid in my body! And also with my energy levels. I am a personal trainer, and work out 5-6 days per week & love shocking my body in different ways. So doing Hypoxi for me was more for detoxing + reducing fluid- and I am loving the results! I couldn’t recommend the MV studio highly enough. If you are wanting great results with eliminating cellulite + blasting those stubborn areas- head down to them today for a free trial session! And make sure your following a healthy meal plan and following a workout program outside of your HYPOXI package for even faster results! Thankyou girls for the amazing sessions 🙂

Zanna Cox

Brilliant studio kept in immaculate condition. It is run by the helpful and knowledge ladies who I have to say are the loveliest ladies on the Northern Beaches. Hypoxi has helped me reshape my lower region and has reduced cellulite! I swear by a HYPOXI, especially Hypoxi Mona Vale. Thank you, Ladies

Matilda Finnegan

“OK, this is an open letter to all of you kind people who have asked me if I have lost weight off my tummy, hips and thighs recently. This includes my sister, my friends, and that nice lady from the kindy whose name I often forget. My coy dismissals: “Hmm, maybe a little bit” haven’t silenced you, so I shall now come clean. Yes I have slimmed down. By at least 24 centimetres, and yes I was exercising and making careful food choices, but no – that wasn’t the full picture. I had some help. It’s called HYPOXI. I stumbled on it when I was working in TV a few years back. I worked on one of those 6:30pm shows and I did endless “miracle” weight loss stories. When we first heard about HYPOXI – the producers weren’t terribly keen. It didn’t promise overnight success, and wasn’t served up with platitudes about how you could do nothing else and still lose weight. But I did my job properly and researched a bit more deeply into the science behind it, and it made sense. Some very clever Austrian scientist had discovered that gentle exercise in a vacuum (not a dyson – a big fancy chamber thing) increased blood flow to the areas female circulation often forgets. The bottom and thighs tend to get a little neglected by the circulatory system which creates a comfortable home in which toxins can settle into cellulite undisturbed. No amount of ordinary exercise will shift that completely. Even your very expensive personal trainer will tell you that. So, back to me. I don’t know what happened in my second pregnancy. The first time round, I exercised and ate well and put on 9kgs. It was gone within six weeks of my son being born. The second time I was equally responsible and put on 16kgs (is it because she was a girl?). Humph! Five months post birth after lots of hard work at circuit training and sensible dieting; I could not shift those last few fluid deposits. There was a HYPOXI studio near me called HYPOXI Balgowlah Body Design, so I decided to sign up. The first six sessions of HYPOXI produced some dramatic results. Attendance was easy; it feels like a classy salon rather than a gym. And it’s not exactly what I call hard work. The fluid seemed to melt away. I had experienced gradual progress with my existing training programme, but this was cranking it up several notches. I lost 16 centimetres in a couple of weeks by combining it with my usual exercise routine (which was nowhere near as pleasant). The next six sessions – well, I fell off the wagon a bit. There were two family weddings, a house move and some unexpected freelance work – a few things fell by the wayside. I was stunned to find after a very sporadic effort on the home stretch, there was still an improvement. Another eight centimetres. Not bad, considering I’d done nothing else and the Champagne / red wine consumption was at moderately (ok, a bit worse than that) irresponsible levels (two weddings, remember). For someone as vain as me, it was definitely money well spent. I pedalled off those pesky last few kilos reading trashy mags and watching chat shows, and they haven’t returned. I think I’d still be sitting on a little mound of cellulite and squeezing a squidgy belly into my jeans without it. I have a sleeker silhouette than I have ever managed to achieve through diet and exercise alone. And that’s the truth.”

Channel 7 News Presenter


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